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PACE Cases (PACKAGING And CASES ENTERPRISE) specializes in carrying cases and shipping containers of all styles, sizes, and shapes. We offer aluminum cases, gun cases, laptop carrying & plastic cases, plastic container, blow molded, ata cases, case equipment, computer cases, shipping cases, aluminum briefcase, canvas tote bags, art portfolios, rifle case, trade show case, transit cases, leather travel bags, promotional products and rack mount styles of cases.

A. Plastic Cases


I. Carry/Shipping Cases - Vacuum Formed Plastic Cases

bullet1. The WheelieTransit ATA & PE (polyethylene) cases
bullet2. Heavy Duty Shipping Containers...AP-Style ATA reusable shipping  & storage containers
bullet3. Medium Duty Carrying Case... PE-Style thermoformed ... high density ... plastic ... protective
bullet4. Heavy-Duty Carrying / Shipping Case...MS-Style... heavy duty, high-density, hard sided cases
bullet5. Wheel Case - Recessed Hardware ... 5 available sizes. All recessed hardware, built in 3" skate wheels
bullet6. Light-Duty Carrying Case... ASP-Style lightweight yet durable plastic carrying cases
bullet7. Aerospace Heavy-Duty Case ... Reusable shipping & storage containers.
bullet8. Expo Transport Case...for Trade Show, Exposition and Sales portfolios.
bulletII. Specialty Plastic Cases
bullet1. CB Waterproof Rugged Utility Protector Cases...Heavy-duty polyethylene utility, equipment and sports cases. 11 sizes from small to large. Watertight, dust and crush proof.
bullet2. The Utilizer ...Heavy-duty polyethylene Tripod storage and shipping containers.
bullet3. Pelican Protector cases. 41 sizes with a life time guarantee of excellence. Watertight, crushproof equipment cases.
bullet 4. DI Lite Fabricated shipping cases. Made from 500# MSF corrugated high-density polyethylene, with aluminum extrusions.
bullet 5. Pelican Briefcases / Laptop Cases.
bulletIII. Inexpensive Plastic Cases
bullet1. Blow-Molded cases (an inexpensive alternative).
bullet2. PLASTIcase cases...ideal for packaging a "big" look for a low price. Excellent promotional product.
bulletIV. Trade Show Cases
bullet1. Expo Transport Case ... protect your Trade Show components during travel.
bullet2. Poly Shipper Cases ...Polyethylene versatile carrying cases. Round, square and rectangular.
bullet3. The Utilizer - 9" and 11" diameter cases with interior heights from 24" to 46".
bullet4. The XP Expandable shipping container. Versatile, lightweight and big.

B. Fabricated Cases

bulletI. DI - Armor Single Lid - ABS Plastic or Fiberglass laminated to plywood cases with aluminum extrusions
bulletII. DI - Armor Rack Mount and Shock Mount Fabricated cases & containers made from fiberglass laminated to plywood with aluminum extrusions
bulletIII. DI-Lite The ultimate in ATA rated shipping containers. High-Density corrugated polyethylene plastic fabricated cases. 30% lighter than standard ATA cases.
bulletIV.  Plasma Monitor Isolation System
bulletV.   DI StarPak stock cases with foam.
bulletVI.  DI-2 Custom large scale containers.
bulletVII. Poly Shipper Cases and Custom Poly Shipper Cases to meet your simplest or most demanding needs

C. Stock Cases

bulletI. Blow Mold Cases
bullet1. 55 stock sizes.
bullet2. Ship within 24 to 48 hours from receipt of order.
bulletII. ATA Recessed Hardware Wheel Cases
bullet1. Meets ATA guidelines for shipping cases.
bullet2. All recessed hardware reduces damage.
bullet3. 5 sizes ready to ship in 1 to 2 business days.
bulletIII. CB Waterproof utility cases
bullet1. 11 stock sizes.
bullet2. Truly rugged waterproof, dustproof and crushproof shipping cases.
bullet3. Ship within 1 to 2 business days.
bulletIV. Expo Transport trade show cases
bullet1. 4 stock sizes ready to ship in 1 to 2 business days.
bullet2. The choice of professionals in the Trade Show, Exposition & Sales industries.
bullet3. Rugged and dependable.
bulletV. PLASTIcase inexpensive plastic cases
bullet1. Light duty and medium duty cases.
bullet2. 15 stock sizes to choose from.
bullet3. Will ship within 2 to 7 business days from receipt of order.
bulletVI. Pelican Protector\AE injection molded carrying cases
bullet1. 41 sizes, for all applications 5-7/16" to 53" long.
bullet2. Pelican\AE Laptop computer case
bullet3. Ship within 48 hours to 5 working days.
bulletVII. Laptop Computer cases
bullet1. Pelican\AE Laptop Compute Case
bullet3. Aluminum laptop - ship within 24 - 48 hours.
bulletVIII. Briefcases / Business cases - Aluminum Attach\E9 cases - ship in 24 to 48 hours.

D. Soft-Sided Cases

bulletI. Custom designed soft-sided cases
bulletFit your product perfectly
bulletMade from Cordura\AE nylon, ballistic nylon, leather, vinyl, canvas and other desirable fabrics.
bulletClear vinyl windows
bulletVelcro closures
bulletSpecial access doors...you name it and we can do it.
bulletII. PACE custom designed cases. Ideal for:
bulletHand held instruments
bulletMedical instruments
bulletBusiness cases
bulletComputer and monitor cases
bulletIII. 1st Article within 7 - 10 working days. Normal production 3 - 4 weeks.

Or if you have any other special need, including a custom decoration with silk screening or embroidery, choose PACE Cases to help you get another step ahead of your competition.

E. Aluminum Cases

bulletI. Briefcases / Business Cases
bulletReasonably priced
bulletThe American classic style
bulletHigh tech look
bulletInteriors lined with beautifully patterned nylon or leather
bulletFile and storage compartments standard in most  attach\E9 and business style aluminum cases
bulletII. Transit Cases
bulletIII. Laptop Cases
bulletIV. Tool Cases and Utility Cases
bulletV. Sports, Gun, Rifle, and Archery Cases

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